Monday, April 9, 2007

Download the petition

Click on the petition to see the large version. Print directly from your web browser. Or, right-click and "save image as" onto your computer. Print it, sign it, share it, and return it to the Resource Center, SUB rm 245 by autumn '07.

Or, download the PDF version here.

To make your own suggestions for U-Blvd, go to


andrew said...

You realize that point #1 contradicts itself, right? Cost recovery is all the more justified given funding problems.

Anonymous said...

Good point Andrew, however it's a bit more complex than that. Academics are going downhill NOW; academic funding for undergrads, grads, and profs is being cut now. If UBC had the money, which apparently they don't (given the cuts) they should put it towards education right now, when it's needed. Furthermore, if they're going to build infrastructure, it should be in support of students (classrooms, teaching labs, etc), not retail/housing for the community at large. This ideal is contrasted with the cost-recovery model of U-Blvd, which will take approximately 25 years to pay for itself, and THEN make profit for the endowment (part of which funds academics) -that's much to late to help us now. Furthermore, the 6 other U-town neighbourhoods (Hampton place, Chancellor, etc) are private market housing projects returning profit to the endowment; it can be argued that it's ok for that sort of profit-driven development to happen at the periphery of campus (like in those 6 neighbourhoods), but not at the heart of it: that place is for students, not profits.